Reallabor für erneuerbare Fotografie

Image detail: Carolin Lange, light recording (canopy vogelkopf: light, tree, spring water, 14/04/17)

Which materials and processes are suitable for acting in a resource-conserving and climate-friendly way in analogue photography? With the Reallabor für erneuerbare Fotografie, the Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie and Kalamari Klub invite visitors to the German national garden show 2023 ('Bundesgartenschau', short 'BUGA 23') in Mannheim to explore the relationship between photography and ecology. The starting point is the cyanotype process. It only needs sunlight, water and iron salts to produce the typical deep blue photographic images. Under the title Under the same Sun, artists Carolin Lange and Dico Kruijsse will create a large-scale installation of cyanotypes on the façades of two former barracks buildings on the Spinelli grounds.

Educational programme

In workshops, visitors can also learn the basics of this technique and help shape the artistic work together with the artists. A round table discussion and guided tours also offer the opportunity to discover the relationships between photography and ecology from different perspectives.

Dates and details of the educational offers of the Reallabor für erneuerbare Fotografie can be found here and in our calendar.

Reallabor für erneuerbare Fotografie is curated by Nicolas Reinhart and Christoph Wieland.

Reallabor für erneuerbare Fotografie is a collaboration project between the Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie and Kalamari Klub and is supported by the 'Innovationsfonds Kunst des Ministeriums für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg '.

BUGA 23 will take place from 14 April to 8 October 2023.