Dialogue Series "Photography & Science"

→ Photography & Science in dialogue

A cooperation of:
Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie
Institute for European Art History at the University of Heidelberg
German-American Institute (DAI) Heidelberg

16/01 - 02/04/2020, 6 p.m. – 7.30 p.m.
Location: University of Heidelberg

Within the framework of an eight-part dialogue series in Heidelberg, photographic artists and scientists from different disciplines will talk about the potential of photography to blur the boundaries between the two spheres.

What is the current relationship between photography and science? How can we answer issues of authenticity vs. staging, objectivity vs. subjectivity in photographic images today? The photograph as an everyday medium as well as a form of artistic expression possesses the extraordinary potential to blur the lines between the disciplines. Not infrequently, images in a scientific context have an artistic aesthetic. Artistic photography, for its part, often straddles the dividing line to the sciences. The goal of the dialogue series is to create a (discursive) space for interaction between photography and science and to encourage debate in order to allow a closer look at the many areas of overlap between them. The works of the photographers will not only form the launchpad for an exploration of the medium in light of the history of science, cultural studies and photo theories, but also reflect the topicality of the question.

NOTE: The talks planned for 19.3., 31.3. and 2.4.2020 and cancelled due to the corona pandemic will be made up for. The dates will be announced in due course.

Further information about the event (in German) can be found → here.

All past discussions of the series were recorded. In the following you can access the recordings of the conversations between
→ Anton Corbijn and Robin Curtis, Pop theory | “Sound and Vision” on January 16, 2020
→ Herlinde Koelbl and Christian Schicha, Media | “Traces of Power” on January 23, 2020
→ Timm Rautert and Horst Bredekamp, Visual studies | “Seeing Photography” on February 4, 2020
→ Benjamin Samuel and Achim Wambach, Business | “The Gleam of the Stock Market Crash” on February 20, 2020