Workshops im Reallabor für erneuerbare Fotografie

04.15.2023 00:00

The Reallabor für erneuerbare Fotografie spotlights the topics of ecology and sustainability in contemporary photography. Which materials and processes are suitable for acting in a more resource-efficient and more climate-friendly way in analog photography?

The large-scale installation Under the same Sun by the two artists Carolin Lange and Dico Kruijsse artistically investigates these questions. The camera free photographic process of cyanotype offers the possibility to create aesthetic light drawings, which are also relatively environmentally safe.

The play with light and shadow, as well as the work on site of German national garden show 2023 ('Bundesgartenschau', short 'BUGA 23') grounds and in the adjacent Bürgerpark, could be tried out on a weekend by some participants in the context of two participatory production workshops. Under the guidance of the two artists, they worked diligently and created a variety of cyanotypes.

A special incentive for this was that the resulting works will complement the installation. This emphasizes the participatory idea of the Reallabor and opens a thought space for all interested in BUGA 23. An educational programme such as a round of talks on 09.06 and guided tours from 22.04 round off the project focused on exchange and discussion.

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