Terms Of Use

for Press Images

All images offered for download are protected under copyright law. The following conditions of use apply:

  1. Every image must be provided with a copyright notice. Unless indicated otherwise,
    copyright resides with the Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie.

  2. All images are available free of charge and exclusively limited in time and purpose for current reporting on the 2022 Biennale in online and print media.

  3. The use of the offered images for longer photo series as magazine covers or in social media and outside of editorial activities (press) is not permitted or requires further consultation with the press department of the Biennale. The users confirm the corresponding use within the framework of the legal provisions of their press activities. The use of the images is permitted exclusively for non-commercial purposes. Permission must be obtained for commercial purposes. Use of the images in social media (e.g. Twitter and Facebook) is permitted by way of linking to the preview (framing), but not as a publication by direct uploading to social media portals.

  4. All photographs may be neither cropped nor altered in any way. The works may be displayed on the Internet in a maximum resolution of 72 dpi.

If possible, please send a cost-free specimen copy of your print publication to:

Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie
E4, 6
68159 Mannheim

For online publications we request that you send a corresponding link to info@biennalefotografie.de.